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Visual expression is an instinctive, intense part of my personal growth. The work comes from my gut, changing and evolving with me. The primary constants of my work are an impulse towards mark making and a love of process, color and texture.

Each piece evolves out of the physical act of making the piece itself. The way a brush or oil stick feels can sets a piece in motion. The content of my work is instigated by a variety of mark making “tools”, each of which has its own distinctive voice. The technique of combining different media builds imagery while increasing emotional and physical range. Simple actions like gluing a torn “relic” into a piece move it forward. The way shapes take form keep the piece moving and building.

The necessity to push myself as an artist and avoid over-familiarization with a particular style or method emerged when an increase in scale, scope and an expanded range of drawing tools removed controls I’d subconsciously sought. The large-scale mixed media and collage pieces on paper and canvas that resulted continue to evolve. More recently a reduction in scale inspired a return to drawing, now a daily practice that informs large-scale pieces and ongoing projects. Drawing on paper has now facilitated a return to painting on paper.

Self-imposed modifications in medium and scale help me discover new sources of imagery, renew my artistic autonomy and explore content. My goal is to possess a range of skills, avoid limitations and challenge myself intellectually, emotionally and creatively.